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In this blog post, Andrew and myself, are sharing our local adventure to a cute little orchard and closing with some pumpkin carving and sipping on some Harry Potter butterbeer. If this sounds of interest to you, keep on reading!

Steffen’s Orchard and Market LLC is a fourth generation owned family farm in Sparta Michigan. This 300 plus acre family farm is known for producing apples, cherries, and pumpkins! The farm was purchased in 1983 and the existing barn is over 100 years old. The market began in 2002, bags of apples and pumpkins were placed along the road for sale and slowly grew with the support of local passerbys. 

Today the orchard offers both pick your own apples and pumpkins as well as a variety of goodies for sale in the market including apples, cider, donuts and local products such as homemade soap. Both the pumpkins and apples were reasonably priced during our visit compared to neighboring orchards and farm markets. Wagons are available at no additional cost to help bring your apples and pumpkins up to the market from the orchard. We would highly recommend grabbing one prior to picking out your favorite pumpkin or pumpkins as they can get heavy on the walk back up from the field! Speaking from experience! If you’re looking to pick a specific apple variety visit their website: http://www.steffensorchardmarket.com/u-pick.html to confirm which varieties are ripe for picking during your visit. 

Overall, the orchard was extremely family friendly with a swing set and fun apple facts to learn during your visit that you can see by viewing our vlog! The staff was extremely welcoming and curious of COVID-19 guidelines to ensure safety for both themselves and their guests. 

Not featured in our vlog but Andrew, myself and our friends (Dustin and Sam) also visited the nearby Fruit Ridge Hayrides located just down the road from Steffen’s. Fruit Ridge Hayrides offers a variety of fall fun including horse drawn hayrides, U-pick fruit, giant corn maze, petting zoo, and market full of warm fall goodies. Each year the 10-acre corn maze is a different theme and offers learning experiences along the way. This year’s theme was Michigan Samp Adventure. Price to complete the corn maze is $7 per person and includes interactive maze games and access to their very own maze tracker app for your smartphone! For those visiting with kiddos they also offer a mini corn maze which is approximately 1 acre. 

While visiting we took advantage of their apple spice donuts and hot cider which was the perfect treat after exploring the farm. During our visit, we did not complete the corn maze due to time restraints but all said after our visit that it would have been fun to do. Pricing for other farm activities can be found on their website at https://fruitridgehayrides.com/index.php. 

Other things to visit around these farms includes: 

  • Heritage Blueberries
  • Bradford Dairy Farms
  • Bettes Memorial Park 
  • Towns of Kent City and Sparta

Now onto the pumpkin carving!! We had a blast fulfilling this fall tradition while listening to music and hanging out with good friends. Peek at the picture below to see our end results! In case you were wondering Andrew and myself chose to cut by hand while our friends utilized some cool pumpkin stencils. 

Happy Fall y’all!

Grab your wands and brooms as we are traveling to Diagon Alley because…. “ “Why don’t we go and have a butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks?” – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. That’s right guys, Andrew and I brought the world of Harry Potter to our kitchen with our own recreation of the ever tasty butterbeer. I personally have never had one made from Harry Potter World, however, Andrew has and said our recipe was pretty darn close. See the recipe we used below so you can recreate this tasty treat for yourself. My only advice would be get ready for a sugar rush and for this dessert to completely blow out your diet for the day! But it is so worth it! I would recommend chilling your cream soda prior to combining all the ingredients so you get that cool, refreshing taste of a beverage. If anybody has any other special tricks for making the perfect butterbeer send them our way!


Butterbeer Recipe: https://balancingmotherhood.com/butterbeer-recipe/?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social-pug

  • Cream soda
  • Butterscotch syrup
  • Heavy cream
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Butter or butter extract

Thank you all for reading and check out our vlog to view all the fun that was experienced during our adventure!


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