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In this blog post, Andrew and I will be traveling to a locally owned tree farm to cut down our very own Christmas tree as well as taking a trip to a festive Christmas market in downtown Holland. A trip to Holland isn’t complete without stopping to see Big Red or Tunnel Park so you can read along as we travel there as well. If you’re ready to get into the Christmas spirit with a splash of Lake Michigan then continue reading!

Growing up my family always trudged out into the snow to cut down our own Christmas tree and no matter how miserable it was outside we always had a great time! (Okay well, minus the time we didn’t dress warm enough or the time that the tree stand leaked lol). Anyway, the start of the Christmas season just isn’t complete without trimming the tree, so Andrew and I set out to find our perfect tree. Of course, we had to find the perfect tree farm to set the stage for our holiday fun. 

Being that Andrew and I are from the Grand Rapids area we had to find a tree farm nearby. Thankfully I knew just the place and spoiler we actually got a tree from this lovely farm last year and loved it so much. So we grabbed our mittens and headed out to Lenderink Family Tree Farm. Lenderink Family Tree Farm is located in Belmont, Michigan, and was founded in 1945. At Gone Adventure we love supporting local businesses and this business is extra special to me as I went to school with a member of the family. 

So if you’re reading this and looking for the perfect Pinterest tree farm with all the bells and whistles this is the place. Lenderink has both “cut-your-own” and fresh pre-cut trees from their tree farm. They also have fresh greens and wreaths for purchase. Now onto the Pinterest goodies! They have cute little cut-outs that you can take photos with, a small horse trailer converted into a festive little sitting area, a sledding hill, a fire pit for roasting marshmallows or warming up on a cold day, an old sleigh, an old farm truck all decorated and the best part, Santas area. So if you aren’t feeling festive after you heard that, take a look at the list of things they offer to make your tree trimming trip magical. 

What they offer:

  • Close parking
  • Hand saws for use
  • Free wagon rides (weekends only)
  • Free Tree Shaking 
  • Free Tree Bundling 
  • Free Tree Drilling 
  • Free Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Greens with Purchase of a Tree (which are perfect for making porch pots!)
  • Bonfire with Marshmallows (weekends only) 
  • Sledding 
  • Santa on Weekends and Black Friday (11:00-3:00) 
  • You Cut Trees (walkout or ride out on the wagon) 
  • Pre Cut Trees 
  • Wreaths 
  • Garland 
  • Holiday Decor 
  • Birch Logs
  • Firewood Bundles

Andrew and I choose to walk out and cut our own tree which was a blast! (I let him do the hard work and cut it down lol). After cutting our tree we walked it back up by the entrance where a staff member carried the tree to the shaker and had it bundled. We then took the tree to the next station to have them level the bottom of the tree as well as take off a few of the bottom branches so it would fit better in our tree stand. Now if you don’t have the tree stand with the center hole then you don’t need to have that done but that truly is a lifesaver as it takes out the hassle of trying to get your tree centered in the stand once home. I know I have talked a lot about all the free features but I am sure you are all wondering what are their prices so here is the link to their site so you can check it out prior to visiting! https://www.lenderinktreefarm.com/pricing 

Andrew and I choose to take our tree to the car and then head back to get our hot cocoa so our hands were free. Pre-COVID, hot cocoa, and coffee were self-served but to follow COVID guidelines both were served by masked employees, and marshmallows were given in individual zip lock bags. While enjoying our warm beverages we walked the farm to show you all it has to offer in our vlog as well as take some festive photos.

Anyone else love peppermint hot chocolate?!

Okay so taking the tree home. Some helpful hints we want to share with you as we don’t have a truck to just easily throw the tree in the back! If you’re able to fold down your back seats and place the tree in the car we recommend putting a tarp down so you don’t get needles or sap on your cushions. Now if you prefer to strap it to the top of the car, we recommend that you bring bungee straps to further secure the tree. Although Lenderink does have additional rope that can be used to attach it to the top, bringing your own to be safe is a good idea. I also suggest if you’re short like me, bring a foldable step stool to help you reach the roof of your car easier! Just a few helpful hints from the Gone Adventures crew and if you have some hints please share them with us! 

While decorating our tree, Andrew and I had to make a festive beverage to do our traditional cheers. So we bring to you the Grinch Drink! See the ingredients below if you’re looking for a delicious adult treat for the holidays.

Grinch Drink Recipe:

  • 4 oz Peach Schnapps
  • 4 oz citrus rum 
  • 12 oz orange juice
  • 4 oz lemon-lime pop (7Up or Sprite works)
  • 4 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
  • Optional garnishes: orange slices, maraschino cherries, or lime sherbet as we did!
Christmas sweaters for the win!

Now if you have stuck with me you know that I also mentioned us visiting Holland and a holiday market. So in true Christmas surprise fashion, I have made this a two-part blog post!! So tuned for the next post within a few days to hear all about our continued Christmas adventure! 

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